Our Bars

Because our bars are simple and focus on bringing out the flavour of the cacao bean, we can accommodate many food intolerances including nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and keto diets. Please check the list below to see what bar suits you best!


Milk Chocolate 47% - 56% (3)


Sal de Mar 47%   sweet& salty, caramel sponge toffee  - Dominican
Hispaniola 47%   soft blackberry jam, hint of spice       - Dominican
Melodia 56%        red wine, black cherry, fruity               - Dominican

Dark Chocolate 65% - 100% (17)



Oko Caribe 65%     tropical fruit              - Dominican
Honduras 70%       butterscotch toffee   - Honduras
Trinitario 70%%     rich warm spice         -Trinidad/Tobago
Toro Bravo 70%     coffee Infused           - Dominican   
Peppermint 70%     mint leave Infused   - Dominican
Peruano 74%         mango/papaya             - Peru
Campesino 74%    with Nibs, raspberry    - Peru
Dominican 75%%  tropical fruit                 - Dominican
Sal Marina 75%      with Sea Salt                - Dominican   
El Diablo 75%        with Chili Peppers        - Dominican
Dak Lak 80%            chocolate brownie                     - Vietnam
Trobago 85%            mild nutty, influence                 - Trinidad/Tobago
PNG 90%%               olive like                                     - Papua New Guinea
Viento Alisio 100%   fruity, smokey black pepper     - 4 Continents  (SUGAR FREE)
Gato Negro 100%     smokey, deep rich cacao          - Peru                (SUGAR FREE)
Lu Han Guo 75%      Monk Fruit Sugar                       - Dominican
Lu Han Guo 75%      Monk Fruit Sugar w. Sea Salt   - Dominican
with Sea Salt



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